Little-Known Tricks on Writing a Personal Narrative Research Paper

By | July 5, 2016

A personal narrative research paper requires the author to tell a story that relates directly to them and conveys a meaningful message to the audience. To get an excellent grade for your personal narrative essay, you should present a well-written and interesting story and not anyone can do this without good advice.

Tips for Structuring Your Personal Narrative Research Paper

  • Outline an introduction.
  • In the opening section of your paper, you should provide the background of your story. Describe the setting, introduce the characters, and mention when the events took place.

  • Outline a body.
  • In the main part of your text, you should tell your story. It’s advisable to follow a chronological order in your narrative so that the reader clearly understands what’s happening.

  • Outline a conclusion.
  • In the last section of your paper, you should summarize the events of your narrative and state the lesson that you’ve learned having experienced these events.

Quick Tips for Writing Your Personal Narrative Paper

  1. Try to make an emotional impact on the audience in your paper;
  2. Include many descriptions of feelings and perceptions;
  3. Use vivid descriptions of characters and setting;
  4. Read your story aloud to make sure that it flows smoothly;
  5. Include dialogues that will help better understand intentions of characters;
  6. Use transitory words like “therefore” or “however” to connect sentences;
  7. Include sentences with different structures to make the writing more interesting.

Where to Get Examples of a Personal Narrative Paper

If you’re going to write this type of academic work for the first time, it’s advisable to read several well-written sample papers before you start telling your own story on paper. There are many ways to get examples. The first option that you should use is approaching your teacher. They should keep some templates that can be useful for their students.

You may also get a lot of good samples if you visit your school library. Ask a librarian about the section where narrative essays are stored and look for stories that have earned the highest scores. Make copies of several of them.

If you have friends who have already written many narrative papers and succeeded in this, you may ask them to share some of their old works with you. It’s likely that they’ll also be glad to provide you with some tips and advice.

In local academic centers, you may get personal narrative papers written by professional academic writers. Such examples should be of the highest quality but they’ll also cost a pretty penny to acquire.

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